Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tupperware Lunch Containers on Sale!

Smart Savings Are In The Bag!

Save Money. Eat Healthy On the Go. Reduce Waste.

With Tupperware!!

Tupperware Lunch Bag with Sports Bottle

30% OFF!

Packing a lunch can be a healthy, money-saving alternative to restaurants. And right now, you can purchase an exclusive Tupperware Lunch Bag with Small Sports Bottle in your choice of two exciting colors.


MY PRICE: $23.80

#89208 - Orange Peel/Mocha

#89209 - Prairie/Mocha

Member Price: $17.85!!



Meal Solutions TO GO

20% OFF!

Do you succumb to costly, high-calorie fast foods when hunger strikes? With the Meal Solutions To Go Pack, you'll be prepared because it can take an entire meal to school or work, and keep foods safe and fresh on the journey there. And all four containers fit perfectly in the Insulated Carrier, making transportation a snap. Set Includes: Insulated Carrier in Mocha & Snow White; 1.75-cup microwave-reheatable Rock 'N Serve® Container with seal–ideal for reheating soup, stew or scrambled eggs in minutes; 1.75-cup container with drink/pour virtually liquid-tight seal allows you to transport juice, milk, yogurt or salad dressing without messy spills; two 4-oz. containers with seals are the perfect size for transporting fresh berries, sliced fruit or a single serving of pudding, yogurt or cottage cheese.


MY PRICE: $25.60


Member Price: $19.20!!



Salad & Side Set

20% OFF!

Fill these four sealed containers with salad, a side item, dressing and croutons or other toppings and pack it all in the Lunch Bag (sold separately)


MY PRICE: $16.40


Member Price: $12.30!!



Sandwich & Side Set

20% OFF!

Fill your lunch bag (sold separately) with your favorite sandwich and side items using these three versatile containers. Personal S&P Shaker included!


MY PRICE: $16.80


Member Price: $12.60!!



Lunch at Work Set

20% OFF!

Head to the office with a healthy, hearty lunch, kept fresh in these two Stuffables containers featuring our award-winning expandable seals.


MY PRICE: $27.20


Member Price: $20.40!!



Teen Meal to Go Set

20% OFF!

Enjoy a 4 course lunch in our microwavable CrystalWave Lunch N Dish and Soup Mug!


MY PRICE: $20.00


Member Price: $15.00!!



Kid's Meal Set

20% OFF

Two Sandwich Keepers plus our ideal Lit'l Bowl Set offer versatility in packing kid's lunches. Divide up or pack them all together in our Lunch Bag (sold separately).


MY PRICE: $18.80


Member Price: $14.10!!



CrystalWave Divided Dish

20% OFF!

Enjoy a hearty lunch with built-in portion control, thanks to the 3 compartments in our Divided Dish. Store, refrigerate and microwave all in one container!!


MY PRICE: $11.60


Member Price: $8.70!!



Lunch 'N Things Container

20% OFF!

Space for a sandwich, drink box, and two more snacks -

all in a single container kids will love!


MY PRICE: $9.20


Member Price: $6.90!!

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