Friday, May 02, 2008

Tupperware Monthly Sales Flyer

Have you seen what Tupperware products are on sale this month?
  • Slim Line Tupperware Pitcher - I just LOVE this pitcher! This Tupperware Pitcher fits perfectly in the door of your fridge, you can take it with you in the car, on your motorcycle, in your RV, you name it! You can view and buy this Tupperware pitcher here!
  • Tumbler Bouquet - A set of 12 Tupperware cups in 3 different sizes! A great price at 40% off!
  • Chop N Pour Set - Apparently this is a product that was out a long time ago. I have been a Tupperware consultant for only 4 years now so this is the first time I have seen it. This all-in-one gadget is perfect for all sorts of small chopping, slicing and straining needs in the kitchen.

Square and Rectangular Stuffable Set - This is a MUST HAVE!! I have the round ones and I love the square and rectangular stuffables so much better because they can fit into smaller spaces. If you ever have left-overs you will appreciate the benefits of this product. With the unique, flexible seal, these ingenious containers can solve some of your most difficult food storage problems. That's because there's no need to fuss over which size container to use. The seal simply expands to fit your particular need.

Butter Dish and Cheese Container - Back by popular demand, here are serving containers specifically designed for butter, cream cheese and other spreads.

Silicone Spatula Set - 3 different sizes, each spatula's silicone material is not only heat resistant, but it's flexible enough to reach into every corner of the mixing bowl.

There are many more new items available! I am running out of time so I will post more later! Please visit my Tupperware website at to see ALL of the new products available to order online!


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