Friday, February 15, 2008

Tupperware Baby Product Sale!

Save 50% on a HUGE selection of Tupperware products for your baby!
This collection of children's serving products includes Divided Dish Set with Easy-Grip Handle, Bell Tumbler Set, Sipper Seal® Domed Set, Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set and exclusive Baby Feeding Spoon & Case.

Divided Dish Set with Easy-Grip Handle
Recommended for children 6 months and up.
Ideal for storing and serving baby foods prepared in advance.
Includes two Divided Dishes; each includes one 6-oz. section and two 2 ¼-oz. sections.
Virtually liquid-tight seal offers superior storage and makes it easy to transport foods.
Bell Tumbler Set
Includes four 7-oz. (200 mL) Bell Tumblers.
Sipper Seal® Domed Set
Includes four Sipper Seals in White.
Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set
Includes three 8-oz. (250 mL) containers with seals.
Perfect for bite-size morsels and homemade baby foods.
Virtually liquid-tight seals. Exclusive! Baby Feeding Spoon & Travel Case
This spoon is ideal for when babies begin eating solid food or when a child begins self-feeding.
Shallow curve of the spoon bowl means more food per spoonful.
The long spoon also reaches deep into taller jars of baby food.
Recommended for ages 4-12 months.
Includes spoon and travel case.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Microwave and Freezer Safe Heat 'N Serve Set on Sale!

Save 40% off our Microwave and Freezer safe Heat 'N Serve container set through February 29, 2008 only!

Heat 'N Serve™ Square Round Set

This modular, 7-pc. set of our popular Heat 'N Serve™ microwave Tupperware containers is great for fridge and freezer storage, as it maximizes available storage space. These are one of my favorite Tupperware products!
  • Set includes four 2-Cup/500 mL Square Round Containers, two new 5-Cup/1.2 L Square Round Containers and one 8-Cup/1.9 L Square Round Container.
  • Store, freeze, microwave, reheat and serve, all in one container.
  • Automatic valve enables steam to escape when reheating foods in microwave.
  • Center hub eliminates over-heated edges and under-heated centers.
  • Microwave reheatable.
  • In Cosmos.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Only $64.20 for this whole set! SAVE $42.80—$107.00 value! Click here to visit and order online!

Contact me and and request my Heat 'N Serve Microwave Recipes!

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